Doe in Republic of Texas Whitetails

We are continually working to improve the quality of our doe herd.  Few would argue that the most consistent and predictable way to succeed in the deer business is to build a herd of the highest quality doe that you can afford.  It is important to note that the definition of a ‘quality’ doe can differ from one breeding operation to the next.  This relates, primarily, to the fact that different programs may have different objectives.  Generally, we divide doe into Stocker Doe, Breeder Doe and Elite Doe

Our advice is to make every effort to determine the primary goal(s) of your breeding operation.  Once your goals are clear, it will be much easier to identify the best type of doe to help ensure your success and get the most enjoyment and return from your investment.  We know, first hand, that this process can be confusing and difficult.  The right females will propel your program to the next level.  The wrong females will, predictably, lead to stagnation and disappointing results.

We offer doe of the highest quality in a wide range of prices. These doe can be purchased open or bred to your liking.  If we can be of any help to you as you navigate these, or any other important decisions regarding your operation, please Contact us.  We love talking deer!

Stocker Doe

A Stocker doe is an animal that is released onto a ranch to enhance genetics. This is a one of the most effective ways to improve the deer herd of your high-fenced ranch. Stocker animals, like these, allow the landowner to choose ‘the look’ of genetics to be released on their ranch. Frequently, a landowner will pick a doe with desirable traits or genetics and then choose to breed that doe to a buck that also has genetics felt to be beneficial to the ranch. The resultant doe and two fawns will triple the genetic impact of those desired traits.

It is important to note that in response to the Chronic Wasting Disease scare, Texas Parks & Wildlife has imposed a variety of strict rules and regulations regarding the release of pen-raised deer into the pasture (Click here to review current TPWD regulations).

After successfully meeting and exceeding each of these annual requirements, Republic of Texas Whitetails has been awarded a Transfer Category 1 status by Texas Parks & Wildlife. This TC-1 designation is the highest level awarded by Texas Parks & Wildlife. It is important to note that animals from a TC-1 facility require no additional pasture testing once released into the pasture.

Our facility is located in the heart of South Texas. These tough, South Texas animals will thrive in a variety of habitats and climates. We offer hardy, high quality, competitively priced stocker doe out of genetics proven to produce in your pasture.

Please contact us to improve your ranch genetics today!

Breeder Doe

A Breeder doe is an animal that remains in the breeding pens to produce high-value offspring. These are doe with excellent, desirable and sought after genetics that breeders purchase to add to their broodstock thus enhancing the genetics of their captive herds. Such valuable animals are frequently surgically artificially inseminated to further enhance genetics.

Our TC-1, TAHC enrolled facility offers bred and open doe out of some of the most exclusive and desirable genetics in the deer industry. Please Contact us to improve your pen genetics today!

Elite Doe

An Elite doe is an extremely rare animal whose genetics are so superior, rare and desirable that she is in the top .1% of all breeder doe in Texas. Such extremely high valuable animals are bred using only the highest quality sires and are routinely enrolled in either an embryo transfer program or a surgical artificial insemination program to create truly exceptional offspring. Such Elite Doe are typically owned by operations that are at the forefront of the deer industry.

We maintain a small herd of Elite doe as well as their offspring. Investing in Elite animals, like these, will propel your operation to the next level! Contact us today to discuss these exceptional females!