Welcome to our website and thank you, so much, for your interest in Republic of Texas Whitetails where we are passionate about deer! We hope that you find the information contained within this website useful. If you have any questions about raising whitetail deer, enhancing the genetics of your high-fenced ranch, enhancing the genetics within your deer pens, our breeding operation or anything else related to the magnificent whitetail, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love talking deer!

We began our deer breeding operation in 2011. Shortly after purchasing our high-fenced ranch in South Texas, we became acutely aware of the fact that the quality of the deer herd had been misrepresented to us. In fact, the herd had been mismanaged for years. Like so many in the deer industry, we began raising whitetail deer with a primary focus on improving the genetics of the deer herd on our own ranch. In fact, enhancing the genetics of our ranch remains one of our primary focuses today. This not only increases our enjoyment of the property, but also greatly enhances the value of the ranch.

Over the years, our program has continued to grow and evolve.  Republic of Texas Whitetails has expanded from 4 to 22 deer pens.  We became enthusiastic students of animal husbandry, surgical breeding techniques, parentage as well as deer genetics and began to attend Texas Deer Association, Deer Breeders Corporation, Top 30 as well as North American Deer Farmers Association deer auctions.  A deer barn and artificial insemination facility was constructed, and then later expanded.  We also constructed a bottle raising facility.  Subsequently, we began to acquire higher quality and elite doe.  With these exceptional genetics, we developed a second component to our deer herd with a focus on the high-end, breeder market.  This aspect of our breeding program has grown significantly over the past few years.  We now have an aggressive artificial insemination program as well as a superovulation and embryo transfer program.

There are only 2 ways to learn in this business.  You can learn from ‘experience’ or you can learn from the ‘experience’ of others.  We strongly recommend that you consider the later method.  One of the best things about the deer business is the family-like nature of the industry.  It is an industry of apprenticeship where one breeder learns from another.  There are no textbooks to reference.  Many veterinarians are unfamiliar with deer.  There is much to learn.  Please contact us if we can help you with your operation!