Doe in Republic of Texas Whitetails

For deer enthusiasts, few things are more enjoyable than watching bucks grow out in the spring and summer. As a deer breeder, this time of year is particularly satisfying. To see this transformation, up close, is truly a site to behold. For the breeder, this process is the physical manifestation of the untold hours of hard work in the pens and is a very tangible reward.

Republic of Texas Whitetails offers Stocker, Shooter, DMP and Breeder bucks to meet all of your needs. These bucks are of the highest quality and are available in a wide range of prices to meet any budget. If we can be of any help to you as you navigate these, or any other important decisions regarding your operation, please contact us. We love talking deer!

Stocker / Shooter Bucks

A Stocker / Shooter buck is an animal that is released onto a ranch to enhance genetics. This is an excellent way to improve the deer herd of your high-fenced ranch. Stocker animals, like these, allow the landowner to choose ‘the look’ as well as the genetics to be released on to their ranch. Once released, these animals have the opportunity to breed doe in the pasture and pass their extraordinary genetics along to the next generation. This can have a significant impact on the genetics of your deer herd.

It is important to note that in response to concerns about Chronic Wasting Disease, Texas Parks & Wildlife has imposed a variety of strict rules and regulations regarding the release of pen-raised deer into the pasture (Click here to review current TPWD regulations). After successfully meeting, and exceeding, each of these annual regulatory requirements, Republic of Texas Whitetails has been awarded a Transfer Category 1 status by Texas Parks & Wildlife. This TC-1 designation is the highest level awarded by Texas Parks & Wildlife. It is important to note that animals from a TC-1 facility require no additional pasture testing once released into the pasture.

Our facility is located in the heart of South Texas. These tough, South Texas animals will thrive in a variety of habitats and climates. We offer hardy, high quality, competitively priced stocker bucks out of genetics proven to produce in your pasture.

Please contact us to improve your ranch genetics today!

DMP Bucks

A DMP buck is a buck that is placed into a deer management pen with a number doe for breeding purposes. Texas Parks & Wildlife will permit a landowner to capture up to 20 pasture doe off of the property and temporarily relocate them into a 5-acre pen. By placing a high quality DMP buck into that enclosure, the genetic impact of the DMP buck will be greatly amplified when compared to that same buck breeding doe in the pasture. As a result, the impact of your investment in a top quality DMP buck is more quickly returned to the ranch in the form of up to 20-40 fawns. This will, obviously, have a profound impact on your ranch genetics.

Our TC-1, TAHC enrolled facility offers DMP bucks out of some of the most exclusive, proven and desirable genetics in the deer industry. contact us to learn more about our exceptional DMP bucks and improve your ranch genetics today!

Breeder Bucks

A Breeder Buck is an extremely rare animal whose physical characteristics and genetics are so superior and desirable that the animal is used as a dominant part of a breeding program. Bucks of this quality are used to breed genetically superior doe within a breeding program. For programs that rely on live breeding as the sole method of herd expansion, selecting the right Breeder Buck is particularly essential to program success. In those programs that also employ surgical breeding techniques, Breeder Bucks like these are frequently also used to ‘cover’ doe that have been surgically artificially inseminated. This is done in case the surgical breeding was unsuccessful. Semen collected from Breeder Bucks is often sold to other breeding operations.

We have several Breeder bucks available every year. Investing in animals, like these, will propel your operation to the next level! contact us today to discuss these exceptional bucks!